Monday, 5 September 2011

Win El-Eid 2011 DIrect Links

Designer Version History
Mohamed Samir

New additions for version

Screen new SanDisk Multi Pot

The installation of mobile screen
Installation screen is divided into paragraphs, animated
Provided by paragraph
Paragraph added programs for Windows
Paragraph What is known about al-Fitr Holiday
Paragraph food feast
Final paragraph
And between each paragraph and paragraph separator

New Boot screen
Screen a new entry
Tone of voice to enter a private holiday Oum Kalthoum
Tone out special holiday feast takbeers
Theme Day a new plant specifically for Windows
Mixed with the Windows screen with the latest software silent lobby full
Making a copy of the screen Aouturn
Amendment to the blue screen Btaat Alformat
When you are running Windows file Alaturn Btaa video shows you the beginning
Special Balaoturn


Download the links using internet download manager to get high speed and use hjsplit to join the parts togather. If you have any quires you can leave a message at shoutbox {be-mine}..



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